The Lively Nest is an online membership community for parents who want to spend meaningful family time with their kiddos. It’s a well designed game plan filled with simple and interactive experiences, activities, and discussions that relate to a big idea each month. Through well-designed experiences incorporating art making, “real talk” conversations, journaling, family challenges, cooking, community service, and art appreciation, I help parents just like you raise imaginative thinkers, creative makers and active givers. The Lively Nest allows you to spend less time planning family fun and and more time having fun with your family in a way that is both fun and meaningful.


Every 4-6 weeks we will explore a new big idea. All of your discussions, activities, experiences, and projects will help reinforce that common theme that’s part of the bigger picture. That way, you’re not just doing things to do them, but that there is meaning behind the fun. Future big ideas I’m working on are self-love, environment, community, identity, celebration, belonging, heroes, dreams, play, kindness, legacy, transformation, objects, and places to name a few.


Daily do ’ems are just little fun activities or suggestions for each day. They usually take less than five minutes and require no materials at all. Along with the one above, examples include: “Go for a walk and snap a photo of something beautiful you see in nature” and “Spend 5 minutes playing with your pet today” or “Try a new food today! Be Brave!” It’s just a fun little thing that you can experience with your kids without spending a lot of time or money.


Projects fall under a few different categories so that there’s something fun for everyone in the fam. There’s art making activities in all forms of media. Cooking lessons with little helpers and simple ingredients in mind. Activities for the entire family to complete together. Journaling assignments to help budding writers. Art History lessons that teach about art from the past and present. And finally, community activities where you’re encouraged to get out into the community and give back.

BIG IDEAS we’ll be exploring in our first year…


Actually, you can call me DD. That’s what my niece and nephew starting calling me about a decade ago when they first started talking. It caught on with other family members and friends and I kind of love it.

I love making things. They don’t always turn out perfect, but I love the act of making them. That’s what I want for your family. I want you to make things together. The process is the point, not the product. If you change that outlook all of the pressure to be a perfect Pinterest parent melts away and you can enjoy the time with family and make MEMORIES. Some of my favorite memories are when things did not go the way they were supposed to. That’s what makes them so memorable. *Check out that Sesame Street selfie fail on the left. My daughter’s face cracks me up!

When you join me at The Lively Nest you’re going to have so much fun just being yourselves and watching your children be themselves. The idea of being perfect, or having to find the perfect craft or perfect activity to make the perfect family memory will be a thing of the past.

Let make some stuff!!!


***Deanna is a certified k-12 art educator with over a decade of teaching experience. She has received over $15,000 in grant money over the years to help her students thrive. Her artwork has been featured in RVA Magazine, Richmond Magazine, and Richmond Parents Magazine. She was named the #1 Family Photographer in Style Weekly’s 2016 Family Favorites Issue. She was Teacher of the Year at Virginia Randolph High School after planning and implementing a school wide Challenge Day Event that brought staff and students together for a life changing program that allowed students to be open and honest about their personal stories.  


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